Online Hearing Screening Test

Welcome to Elgin Audiology’s Online Hearing Screening Test.  The Screener provides an excellent answer to the question, “do I have a hearing loss?”  In a few short minutes, you can get a quick idea if your hearing needs some attention or follow up.  Please be aware that this is not designed to replace a professional hearing test by an Audiologist.

You can be confident that your Hearing Screen results are private and at no time will Elgin Audiology contact you unless you ask us.  This Screener test requires you to select “accept all cookies” towards the bottom right of your screen, however rest assured your private health care information is always kept confidential and secure.  Again, we will only contact you if you contact us and request a call back or email.

If after you have completed this procedure you would like to speak to one of our Audiologists, just let us know.  There is no cost to speak with one of our University trained and fully regulated Audiologists.  Thank you for your interest in taking Elgin Audiology’s Online Hearing Screen.