My way to Lyric.

Three easy steps towards achieving better hearing

1. Contact an authorized Lyric hearing care professional
Our authorized Lyric hearing care professionals are looking forward to meeting you. They will offer you detailed advice as well as showing Lyric to you and explaining how it works. This initial meeting will also give you an opportunity to find out about what happens next and the terms and conditions of Lyric.

2. Find out if Lyric is right for you
Your local Lyric hearing care professional will examine your ear canal and check whether Lyric is the right hearing aid for you. You will be in good hands because, in addition to Lyric, Phonak also offers a range of other, equally small and attractive hearing solutions for all kinds of hearing loss.

3. Get a new device at regular intervals
Lyric is available on subscription. This means that you can wear Lyric for up to four months without interruption and your hearing care professional will then replace it with a completely new device. The advantages are clear: you benefit from constant access to the very latest technology and are provided with guaranteed service and product performance for the duration of the subscription.